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Office Manager - State Farm Agent Team Member

Full Time in Tigard, OR

I'm looking for a bilingual (English/Spanish) team member to work in the office with me and manage the office when I am gone. I'm looking for someone able to relate to people (good people skills) with a good work ethic and willingness to offer life insurance to customers as well as sell car and auto policies. The person needs to be dependable and willing to take breaks during the day to refresh the mind. Our hours are 9am - 5:30pm with a half hour for lunch built in. I would prefer someone to get their licenses prior to coming onboard. I completed my licensing in less than a month working daily at it until I could pass all four lines. There are a lot of online vendors who offer courses and I took 4 all day ones to get my training done and then I studied for the exams.
As an Agent Team Member, you will receive...
  • Salary plus commission/bonus
  • Paid time off (vacation and personal/sick days)
  • Valuable experience
  • Growth potential/Opportunity for advancement in my agency
  • Learning to market property/casualty, life, health and bank products
  • Learning how to network effectively
If you are motivated to succeed and can see yourself in this role, please complete our application. We will follow up with you on the next steps in the interview process.
State Farm agents are independent contractors who hire their own employees. State Farm agents’ employees are not employees of State Farm Insurance Companies. This position is with a State Farm independent contractor agent, not with State Farm Insurance Companies. State Farm agents control which licensing requirements and training programs are offered or must be successfully completed by their employees.

By accepting employment with a State Farm agent and/or successfully completing any licensing or training programs required by a State Farm agent, you are not guaranteed, promised or given any form of selection preference, should you choose to leave the agent’s employment and pursue the opportunity of becoming an independent contractor agent for State Farm Insurance Companies.

If you choose to pursue an agency opportunity, you will need to apply and go through the regular State Farm Insurance Companies’ agent selection process
Compensación $40,000.00 - $70,000.00 per year
Apply Now State Farm agents are independent contractors who hire their own employees. State Farm agents’ employees are not employees of State Farm. Agents are responsible for and make all employment decisions regarding their employees.

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